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04.06.2004, Leipzig, Zentralstadium, Germany
Special thanks to Anke & Frank Bösel from germany (scan) and Jay Donnelly from the USA (proof read) / Vielen Dank an Anke & Frank Bösel aus Deutschland (scan) und Jay Donnelly aus den USA (Korrekturlesen)


Bild-Zeitung 27.12.2004
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Ex-Beatle McCartney Sped to Work

The speeding picture of the year in Leipzig

Leipzig - Here we see one of the most photographed men on this planet. Now even the public affairs office in Leipzig has a nice shot of him.

Sir Paul McCartney (62), the richest musician in the world, was caught in a speed trap. The famous star rushed into town to his sold out concert at the Leipziger Zentralstadion in his Mercedes S-class on the federal road B2 . Sir Paul was in the back seat and his bodyguard is up front with the driver.

Just after the town entrance sign the car was 'flashed' by radar. 50km/h is allowed but the McCartney limousine was going much too fast - obviously a "Band On The Run"....

The public affairs office wouldn´t say how fast the car was going to protect McCartney's privacy. He definitly could not be much
poorer from the speed ticket fine. But maybe the radar speed trap will make the town of Leipzig rich. It flashed about 5 times an hour, about 120 times a day. Claudia Geißler-Ploog (38) from the traffic supervision says "We had in 2003 about 14 accidents at this place, we hadn´t one accident this year". Beside the income gained through the speeding fines, the town saves money which had been neccessary to repair the crash barrier. Geißler-Ploog: "We had to pay in 2003 about 10000 Euro to fix the crash barrier in this area, this year we don´t pay 1 Euro so far".

Did Sir Paul at least pay the speeding fine for his chauffeur? Geißler-Ploog: "No comment"