Paul McCartney - 04 Summer Tour Review / Bericht
04.06.2004, Leipzig, Zentralstadium, Germany

I left my home at about 3.30 in the early early morning for the trip to Leipzig. I met two other friends of mine about 250km away from my place and then we drove together to Leipzig. At about 10 o'clock we arrived there at the airport. The GAT area for the private airplanes was on the other side of the "normal airfield". Already at this time there were some fans hanging around. We looked about half an hour at the airport and then we left to drive further to the stadium to see how the location looks there and to know how long it last to get there from the airport to the stadium. The problem on this weekend was, that there was also a city-celebration and a lot of streets were closed. We had expected that Paul would fly after the show directly back to England but one of the fans at the airport said that he had booked a hotel in Leipzig. So now in the city we drove by random past the Hotel "Fürstenhof" and we saw the same tour bus parking just before the entrance as Paul already had in the last year here in Germany (black bus with "coach service" on the front and a licence plate GM for Gummersbach; a city in Germany). So, we had find the hotel by fortuity. Afterwards again back to the airport. Some other fans were there and then the telephone from one person rang and another fan called that some limousines were parking at the other side of the GAT-area and also police and security was there. So get into the car and to the other side. At least we were about 5 people waiting there.

I have to say that one day before the concert a journalist from the "Leipziger Volkszeitung", the biggest newspaper in Leipzig, had phoned me if I would like it if he made a fan-report about me. Of course I said "yes". We would met at the airport at the GAT-area but now I had to call him so that he also came to the "new location". At about 12.45 a Swiss airplane landed; it had the number HB-110 and the Swiss flag on it. The limousines and a small lorry drove on the airfield. After a few minutes the band, Paul, Heather and some other touring personnel were leaving the plane. Some of the fans made a few photos but then hiding the camera. As we know Paul mostly will only give autographs if there are no cameras. So we built a row and hoped that he maybe would stop. But as we also knew, normally he didn't stop while leaving the airport. So it was this time. Two small busses first left the airfield. They had black windows; the only person I could recognize was Wix. Then a black Mercedes limousine came and Paul sat in the back on the right side. He waved his hand and we shouted and two fans run after the car but he didn't stop. But we first had seen Paul ;-)

After this first "meeting" I drove with the journalist to his home which wasn't far away from the airport. There he asked me some more questions and made some photos of me. At about 14.00 I wanted to drive back to the stadium with the cable car. The cable car drove directly past the hotel and so I already drop out there. A lot of fans where there and I also met some other me known people. Just in front of the hotel was a old pedestrian bridge which was broken down at this time and it made a awful loud noise. As we heard from some other fans Paul had booked the president suite, which lies directly to the front of the hotel. After a time the hotel director came out with a full box of beer and brought it to the construction workers so that they stop with their work and little Beatrice could hold here nap :-) This story also was printed in a big boulevard paper at the next day including a photo of the hotel director with the beer box.

I think it was about 16.00 as first the band left the hotel and afterwards Paul. This time he stayed some longer before the entrance and the photographers could take some photos. I think it was about 20 or 30 seconds. Afterwards he drove with a police escort to the sound check.

Me was told that the stadium was about 15minutes away from the hotel and there where some rumours that the chance for getting a autograph after the show at the hotel would be very very high. So I decided to run to the stadium to see how long it would last and to know where I have to go afterwards. I can tell you, it was an awful long distance and I think that I should make some more sports in the future ;-) It last with all my energy about 15 minutes and afterwards I really was messed up. Sound check already had begun but I think that Paul wasn't on stage at this time and only the band was jamming. Then the "real" sound check begun. They played the following songs: Jam, Coming Up, Matchbox, Honey Don´t, C´Moon, Celebration, Midnight Special, San Francisco Bay Blues, Here, There And Everywhere, "Rain Song" ( I thought it was a new song but I couldn't understand the lyrics. He played the song also in the concert and as I heard he also played it in Zürich, Switzerland where it also was raining cats and dogs.), Lady Madonna, For No One.

Until this time there were only a few raindrops falling down but during the sound check it getting even more raining. They said that the entrance should be open at about 17.00 but it wasn't. The rain was getting stronger and stronger and at least it was so heavy that you can't even imagine. There was nearly no chance to find a dry place, and most of the people tried to hide under some trees. I was wet until my pants and at this time my fancy wasn't that good anymore ;-( I had bought already some official posters and they were also wet very fast (I already have throw them away now). At least at about 17.45 the doors getting open and we went into the stadium. Everyone was totally wet and I think that a lot of people are sick today…. We tried to dry us up and some people bought some new t-shirts to have at least one dry clothing-item on the body….

Merchandising again was very expensive. T-Shirts 35 until 40 Euros, Base caps 35 - 40 Euros. Only the tour book was cheaper than last year. I cost 15, - Euro which also was cheaper as the price in Zurich the concert before. The problem was, that most of the stuff wasn't available. I read a day later that they had a logistic problem at the airport London Heathrow and so the merchandising stuff hadn't arrived by time.

First I had my doubts if the concert was sold out. At the beginning of the ticket sales they announced very quickly that the concert was sold out but after 2 or 3 weeks a new ticket contingent was available and at least you could also buy some tickets at the box office and EBAY was also full of them. But I would say that he concert was sold out. There were some free seats but not that many. Officially they announced that 45.000 people saw the show. Maybe it was 1000 less but the concert was full with enthusiastic people.

The show was the same as at the venues before. After "Let Me Roll It" they played "Foxy Lady", after "All Things Must Pass" a longer version than last year of "Yellow Submarine". At the refrain from "Here Today" Paul repeated the "I Love You" 3 times. I don't think that it should be like this; maybe he just lost the lyrics. It sounded a bit unfamiliar. "Live And Let Die" had a great firework and even that you know that there will be a big bang you´re every time scared again ;-) "Band On The Run" was with the "BBC intro". The "Rain Song" was played after "I Got A Feeling". The audience was just great and Paul also said this at the end of the show. Compared with all the German shows I saw last year it was definitely the best one… Paul's voice also was great without any problems.

I left the concert after "Helter Skelter" and during my run back to the hotel I could hear "Sgt. Pepper". Also I was able to catch some tour books, which seemed to be arrived until the end of the show. And then I run and run and run and run…. I made some short breaks as I run in the evening from the hotel to the stadium but this time there was no time for breaks…. I arrived at the hotel really with no more energy about 20 seconds before Paul did. There was already a row from about 30 people. After the bus arrived a few minutes nothing happened. Then Paul came out and walked to the waiting people. His black bodyguard had said before that no photos would be allowed and that they stop if anyone will take a photo. Also he said that he wouldn't sign any guitars and unlicensed material. I had brought up my "Schlagbrett" (I don't know really how to translate it or how the real English word for it is; something like "bash board" could be) from my Höfner base guitar but as they wouldn't do guitars I was glad I got a tour book after leaving the concert. As it was my turn the black bodyguard tip on my shoulder and said that I was the 6th last. So my run had made sense…. His personal assistant John Hammel was standing on the left side of Paul. By the way, Paul looked very very good and not tired at all. As I walked through Paul John Hammel directly saw my "Schlagbrett" and he said "We won't do that" and Paul repeated it. I had laid the "Schlagbrett" above one of the tour books so that Paul would have a pad. John Hammel took the board and then Paul signed the tour book. John Hammel said, "Thanks for buying the tour book". Then Paul gave me his hand. It was just great. The autograph isn't that good to be seen because it is very dark, also the pen Paul was using was near empty. But again, I know that it is an original and I'm just happy with it. A few people behind me were also getting an autograph but not all of them. I think it really were too much people, even he wrote about 40 autographs or some more. As Paul walked away most of the people gave him applause, even two or three people who didn't get an autograph shouted at him, some with not that nice words. I could understand that they were disappointed but I think that Paul really cares about the fans and I don't think that a lot of artists would make such an autograph session after a nearly 3-hour concert.

We slept that night at the home of some friends and stayed there until the next day at about 14.30. We bought some newspapers and also the "Leipziger Volkszeitung". There is a really huge article about the concert and also a big one about me, also with a picture. So, I'm very happy with it all. Also my web page is mentioned (

As we drove back to the hotel to catch our 3rd passenger who had slept in a hotel in Leipzig, she phoned us that Paul just had left the hotel for driving back to the airport. So we decided to give the airport another visit ;-) Again about ten or more people where already waiting there and also the photographer from the "Bild-Zeitung", a big boulevard paper here in Germany. The same plane as with he already came to Leipzig was standing there and the engines were already on. At about 15.45 we saw the limousines but they didn't drove at the airfield as we expected. They used the normal airport entrance and this was a few hundred meters away from our place. Some of the waiting fans run to the entrance but they didn't reach them by time. At about 15.55 Paul, Heather and some more people incl. John Hammel arrived with a shuttle bus from the airport at the airplane. They walked up the stairs to the airport. You could see a baby carriage and they hold an umbrella above it. As Paul walked above I shouted his name and I screamed and he waited a few seconds on top of the stairs and he waved his hand in my direction. The plane was a few hundred meters away but you could see Paul clearly. Then he walked into the plane and at about 16.00 the plane lift off. The photographer from the paper thanked me for screaming because this gave him the opportunity to make some pictures. He also promised me to send me some pictures from the complete weekend he made (He had also a photo passport for the show). So maybe there is more to come….


The photographer also told another story from the evening. They had seen Paul's driver in the city and they thought that he wouldn't make a city tour for his own delight…. They looked in the city and Heather was shopping with a red haired bodyguard (female). She was wearing a pink suite and also a pink hat. He said that she visited 3 shops "Peek And Cloppenburg" (They have big clothing shops here in Germany; she ought bought here underwear for about 1000 Euro said the photographer), a drugstore (Drogerie Müller) and another boutique. There will be another article in the newspaper on Monday with some photos. I hope that I could catch a copy.

I was back home at about 22.00 in the evening and now I have to sort out all these impressions… I will see Paul on Tuesday in Horsens, Denmark. Hope for another great journey. It has been a long story now but I think that you could see that a lot of "Macca-stuff" did happen. I hope the report was interesting for you all.

All The Best




"Got to Get You Into My Life"
"Flaming Pie"
"All My Loving"
"Let me Roll It" -> "Foxy Lady"
"You Won´t See Me"
"She´s A Woman"
"Maybe I´m Amazed"
"The Long and Winding Road"
"In Spite of All The Danger"
"We Can Work It Out"
"Here Today"
"All Things Must Pass"
-> "Yellow Submarine"
"Follow the Sun"
"For No One"
"Calico Skies"
"I´ve Just Seen a Face"
"Eleanor Rigby"
"Drive my Car"
"Penny Lane"
"Get Back"
"Band on the Run"
"Back in the USSR"
"Live and Let Die"
"I´ve Got a Feeling" -> "Rain/Leipzig Song"
"Lady Madonna"
"Hey Jude"

Encore 1
"Let it Be"
"I Saw Her Standing There"
Encore 2
"Helter Skelter"
"Sgt. Pepper"