Paul McCartney - 04 Summer Tour Review / Bericht
08.06.2004, Horsens, Forum Horsens Stadium, Denmark
Trip to Horsens, Denmark; 1st day

I left home at about 8 o'clock in the morning to drive to Hamburg where I met another big McCartney-Fan, which I knew until then only from e-mail correspondence. We met at 12 o'clock in Hamburg and from there we had to drive another 3 hours to get to Horsens. It was a great drive and we had a lot to talk about it.

Horsens is only a relative small city with about 40.000 people; that was told us from some locals. The location where the concert should happen was a not that modern looking soccer stadium. Not an oval stadium as the normal stadiums are but a rectangular one with tribunes only beside the long sides. We were very early and at this time only a few people were waiting at our entrance. But there were some known faces from other concerts. We looked around for a few minutes and a lot of people still were busy organizing things (All in all a lot of people where busy. Seemed that nearly the complete city there on the run. Also a lot of security including police and military where seen). At about 4 o'clock in the afternoon the same "Coach Service" bus with the licence plate "GM" for Gummersbach drove past the street, which Paul had already last year for the German concerts and also this year in Leipzig. (I later also saw the same security guys). The windows from the busses are black so you can't see who's in the bus but at this time we thought it only could be the band. So we waved our hands to the black windows….

At about 16.25 the band was on the stage and they started to Jam. At about 16.47 Paul arrived on the stage. The great thing was that the big screens were already showing what was going on on stage and so we had a great show before the show. Following now the complete soundcheck:

Jam (with Paul on base); "Horsens, the city, we are here"
Coming Up
Honey Hush (from RDR)
Honey Don't
Jam (short)
Waiting For The Train? (It was a slow number; I couldn't remind that I had heard this song before. My friend thought that it was heard on the "Oobu Joobu" radio series; I haven't checked that until now.
Let ´Em In

And then we were very surprised. Paul practised a new song two times after each other. It's a ballad and Paul played the acoustic guitar on that. The lyrics were about "Guide me through any situation. Follow me to any destination". It was really a nice song and I had it directly in my ear and my mind. Hope it will be released on the next album.

Midnight Special (lyrics: …. and if you've ever been to Horsens ;-)
Jam (acoustic)
You Never Give Me Your Money (great Blues jam version)
Lady Madonna
Lady Madonna Jam

Soundcheck ended at about 17.15

At about 10 minutes after 6 o'clock in the afternoon doors went open and we managed it to get into the first row in front of Brian´s microphone. In Leipzig I had a seat but now I first realized how high the stage was. During the concert I was only able to see the faces of Abe and Wix. I think that the stage is about 2,50m or more high.

We met there some fans from Denmark, which also saw Paul last year in a couple of concerts; also in Germany. We had some nice talks and the time until the concert didn't last that long. I'm not 100% sure but the concert begun nearly half an hour later as it was announced.

To watch the preshow from directly before the stage was really a totally different adventure. The stunts from the female acrobat really are not innocuous.

Now only a few really notable things from the show:

"In Spite Of All The Danger"; of course somebody screamed after Paul telling about Kensington and so he again said that in every audience one person knows Kensington.

"Here Today"; Again Paul varied the part with the "I Love you" a bit, so it wasn't a problem with the lyrics what I first thought what it was in Leipzig.

After "All Things Must Past" somebody screamed "What about Ringo" and so he also played "Yellow Submarine" as he did in the prior places.

"Live And Let Die"; I can tell you it's a complete different thing with the fire and the fireworks to attend this song from 1st row. It's getting really hot.

During "I've Got A Feeling" one of the Danish people we had met before came up with 2 new big beer decanters, which were sold there. It was the part where Rusty sings the "Everybody got a good year, everybody….". We are not 100% sure but we thought that he sang at one line "everybody have a cold beer" and afterwards Rusty and Paul smiled at each other. So it would be great to give it another look when first recordings appear.

"Helter Skelter"; it's definitely one of my favourite song of this tour and hearing (and feeling) it front of stage it's just incredible.

Paul announced a couple of songs in Danish but he had some problems with pronouncing it right. We didn't understand a word but some of the Danish people standing around us also had to think about a few things Paul said ;-) Also at one announcement he said some German words, but he noticed that and had also laugh about it.

It was really cramped where all the people stood and also Paul noticed that. He said during the concert something like "It's really hard to get your hands above (and it was hard) but you all have really strong arms….."

The announcement from Wix this time was really great. The venue was considerably lower than the street and you had a great view from the street through a field on the stage. Of course there stood some hundred people there, which saw the show for free. Wix pointed at these people and he said "You people, we see you". He said some more I think it was something like "come in here" but I haven't it in mind that clear right now. It was anyway a very funny situation.

One last thing that I never realised before and I thing that it already was like this during all the tours since 1989. All 3 guys on the stage are playing guitar during "Sgt. Pepper" but who played the base? And the base is really powerful on that….

All in all also a great show and all the people were enjoying themselves. After the show we had the time to catch some other merchandising stuff which most of it cost some more than in Leipzig, Germany.

The ride back home was very exhausting and I was not until 6.00 o'clock in the next morning home. I ´m still tired but again it was worth…