Paul McCartney - Back In The World

30.04.2003, Hannover, Preussag Arena, Germany


Here my review from last nights concert in Hannover.

I left to drive to Hannover at about 12.00 from my place and it was raining cats and dogs all the way until Hannover. It took me 3 hours forthe 200km. As I arrived at the "Preussag Arena". At the Arena there were lots of tour-posters left and right of the streets and they had another small "sticker" on it with "Hannover welcomes Paul McCartney". There was a guy who "glued" the complete afternoon new ones because a lot of fans took them with them. I also got a couple ;-)

Some friends of mine was since the morning at the airport to see where the privat-jets had to land. They already was on the airport monday in cologne and they also had seen Paul but he didnīt stop but they made some photos which I also will get.... This time they saw also Paul arriving but again there was no chance to catch a autograph.

At about 17.00 there was a lot of trouble at the back-entrance of the hall. Much more fans than in cologne were waiting for Paul but it was the same way as in cologne. This time the security was very rough. We had to got back on the other side of the street. At about 17.15 we saw a convoi on the motorway which lies directly behind the hall. This time Paul even had police escort. He came again in a golden limousine and again just some short views to the waiting people. It last again only a few seconds. I have made a photo but I didnīt think that Paul is to be seen. I think that I will not go to the arrival next week in Oberhausen. Seemed that there is now chance that he will drive a bit slower or something like that. The "security-chief" said that the driver has also the instructions if someone will try to stop the car to drive through.... By the way. I made a photo from this "security-chief". Itīs the same who also was at the cologne concerts. I will post this photo soon for the forthcoming concerts. I would say where this guy is there will definitely Paul arrive very soon.

Again some tickets was available officially. Also the few "black-market-dealers" sold their tickets almost for half a price. The security at the entrance seemed again a bit sharper. This time the people who controlled were even older. Again I left some nervs back at the entrance.

There only was some posters on the walls from "Back In The World". In cologne there was even much more and different stuff. Also there was only two merchandising counters and one from "Adopt a Minefield". There was much more in cologne. Also PeTA wasnīt there at all.

The "Preussag Arena" is a bit smaller then the "Cologne Arena" and there were even a few seats to see. At the beginning of the pre-show the complete light was still on and only after a few minutes went down.

The setlist of this evening was same as on both cologne concerts. No much differences. The audience was something between Cologne 1 an Cologne 2. At the beginning of "Let Me Roll It". a lot of people run to the front of the stage and the security couldnīt stop them. They stood the complete show and had definite a good time there.

Paul again made a couple of announcements in german and again he had to read them from the telepromter. This time there was no considerable change to that what he did on the cologne concerts. What Iīve missed to say until know about the cologne concerts was that Rusty Anderson had a little cassette player on his announcement with had the german words something like "... grüßt Köln und die umliegenden Ortschaften" (..greetings to cologne and the surrounding towns). He used this one also in Hannover. Anyway itīs more than 200km away....

"We Can Work It Out" and why Paul needs a telepromter ;-) I had to think directly what happened on "Unplugged". Paul sang on the 2nd chorus something like "Think of what you're saying. You can get it strain (or something like that)" and then he struggled a bit with the lyrics and didnīt sang the last bit of the line. Also he had again some problems
with the lyrics to "Maybe Iīm Amazed" as he also had on the 2nd cologne concert. I found it really funny that he still have some problems with the lyrics after playing the songs that often. For the first time on the tour I think that Paul sang the right lyrics for "You never give me your money" and not the "this is the part where I donīt know the words". Seemed that the german people have some problems to understand this joke. On both cologne concerts there was not that much reaction. Iīm very interested if he will do that on the next concerts again.

The Hannover show was the shortest show from all the 3 german concerts until now. It only last about 150 minutes. Seemed that Paul had to go quick afterwards back to the airport. After the concert ended I went out of the hall to maybe take another look on his limousine but as I was outside I could also see that Paul was away.

Now I have a little break and then will see Paul next week in Oberhausen but Iīm thinking of also visit one show in munich. It seemed that is no problem to catch some good seats.

All The Best