Paul McCartney - The US Tour 2005

27.09.2005, Boston, MA; "TD Banknorth Garden (formerly Fleetcenter)"


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review by Markus den Boer

Second day I wasn´t that early at the venue. I decided to take a walk through the city and do some shopping. As a collector I´m also interested in the various different CD-pressings; so I was able to buy the normal US-Version with the DVD of ´Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" but also the ´Best Buy´ version, which does have a different sticker but also a different catalog-number....
I think I was back at the venue at about 3pm. This time there were no waiting fans; else it was the same than one day before. They had parked a pick-up car at the turnoff from the main street. This time I waited directly on the other side of the employee-entrance. At about 4.15pm I think there showed up 3 fans from Canada (greetings to Pascal and Junie) and we talked about the concert of the day before and also the arrival of the band. They told me that there was another entrance on the other side of the building where it should be possible to drive directly inside the ´garden´ by car and that Paul may have used this way the day before.

At about 4.20pm Missy O´Linn and Brian Riddle of the security team again showed up and so it was clear that anything should happen shortly. It was about 5pm as the bus with the back windows showed up and it was the same than one day before; first Mark Hamilton (security chief) and Barrie Marshall (tour manager) walked out of the bus. Hamilton waited at the left side of the bus door (see pictures). Missy O´Linn told me to stay where I am; what I did.... This time my camera was working but it was again all going that fast. The guys from Canada asked Abe, Brian and Rusty for a photograph together with them. Meanwhile Wix already had left the bus and had disappeared inside the employee entrance. I was able to take a picture of Brian leaving the bus and another picture showing Abe and Brian going to the entrance. I would say the whole thing only took about 15 seconds maximum. Also this day we didn´t see Paul at all....

Afterwards I again had to bring my bag and stuff back to the hotel but this time I was earlier back at the ´garden´ and was one of the first people in the row for getting inside. This day I had a great ticket; floor block E, row 12. This was the first block in the middle of the stage. So it was definetely a complete different experience. Else than the day before I was able to see all the screen and more important also what was going on at the stage itself.


Magical Mystery Tour (back from 1993)

Too Many People (new addition!!!)
Flaming Pie
She Came In Through The Bathroom Window (new addition!)
Good Day Sunshine (back from 1993)
I'll Get You (new)
Band on the Run
Drive My Car
Penny Lane
Till There Was You (new)
I've Got A Feeling
Let Me Roll It; Coda: ´Foxy Lady´
Back in the USSR
Got to Get You In My Life
Hey Jude
Fine Line (new song)
Live and Let Die
Maybe I'm Amazed
Long and Winding Road
Encore 1:
In Spite of All The Danger
I Will (new addition)
Get Back
Jenny Wren (new song)
Helter Skelter
Encore 2:
For No One

Please Please Me (new addition)

Fixing A Hole (back from 1993)
Let it Be

English Tea (band comes back) (new song)

Sgt. Pepper´s Reprise

Yellow Submarine (short version)


I'll Follow The Sun (with reprise: 3x)


Follow Me (new song)

Bach's 'Bouree' (from the LUTE SUITE NO. 1 in E minor)
which he uses to describe the guitar chords on Blackbird....
Eleanor Rigby

This day I felt that Paul was not that relaxed as the day before; he was still cool but not in the way I felt he was the first concert. Brian screamed on his announcement something from the "Boston Red Sox 2004 champion" and had of course the audience on his side...

On ´I´ll Follow the Sun´ they played the ´reprise´ 3times; once more than the day before. Alltogether I felt that the audience was even louder than the day before but it could also be that this just came out of the fact that I was directly in front of the stage. The volume of the speakers have been very very loud and and some parts of the concerts it was really near the ´treshold of pain´. The day before I more had the feeling that the complete concert was a little too quite but it seemes that it definetely depend on your seat.

At the encore Paul had a problem with his Hofner bass as nothing came out the speakers. John Hammel came on stage and tried a little hectic to find the problem; after about 20 seconds in which Paul told about the technical problem and that they are looking for the reason they found out that the Hofner wasn´t plugged in ;-) Before Paul told the audience that they had to go and made his ´Thank You´s´ John Hammel brought him his Hofer and showed him his forefinger, in de way "but only one more song"...

What I havn´t noticed before is the fact that there have been two video teams going around the floor and filming stage and also the audience enjoying themselfs. There had been one cameraman with a second guy for the sound and one cameraman alone without a special sound guy. By the way the ´sound-guy´ was really enjoying himself and had a lot of fun on his work. This was great to see. After the show I also saw this both guys interviewing some younger visitors of the concert.

Paul signed a few items after the show on stage. One item was a bigger cardboard with a photo from a about 4year old boy in the style of Elvis Presley in a leather jacket. Was a very funny picture and a nice autograph for a ´quick one only´.

For me the second Boston concert was even hotter than the first one. Great audience and great show.