Chaos And Creation In The Backyard - normal version Russian Version

No.: EMI 0946 347987 2 3
Matrix-No.: WWW.MEDIAMOTION.COM 3379592 @2 020102-NL
Country/Land: RUS / NL
Release/Veröffentlichung: 12.09.2005 (Europe); 13.09.2005 (USA)
Price/Preis: ca. 15 Euro
Special/Besonderheit: -


Track/Titel: Songname: Lenght/Spieldauer:
Fine Line
How Kind Of You
Jenny Wren
At The Mercy
Friends To Go
English Tea
Too Much Rain
A Certain Softness
Riding To Vanity Fair
Follow Me
Promise To You Girl
This Never Happened Before
I´ve Only Got Two Hands



Official Russian CD release of "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard". Cover has the "Copy Controlled" printing and also a additional red box at the bottom right with Cyrillic letters "For distribution on the territory of Russia and countries of CIS, except Moldova and Ukraine". "CIS" means "Commonwealth of Independent States" (includes republics of ex-USSR, except Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia). At the top left of the cover is a ruby colored printing "Paul McCartney; Chaos And Creation In The Backyard". In all other countries this was the additional sticker which was glued on the jewel-case.

The disc has some additional cyrillic writing on the data-side near the inner hole where you can find the matrix-number; see here the english translation:

"CD CLUB" limited [company]
Made in Russia
License (series VAF, #77-216) given by "RosOkhranKultura"

Note: Name of last written company (organization) consists
from 3 words in short form:
Ros - Russian
Okhran - guard or protect
Kultura - Culture

Due to the matrix-number this disc should be made in the Netherlands, as all European releases. Even there is this additional writing "Made In Russia"

The sign "Paul McCartney" on the disc and on the sticker will read also "Paul McCartney" when you turn it on 180 degree!!



Offizielle CD-Veröffentlichung aus Russland. Das Cover hat das "Copy Controlled" Logo aufgedruckt, sowie unten rechts einen zusätzlichen roten Kasten mit kyrillischen Schriftzeichen "Zum Verkauf nur in Russland und den Ländern der CIS, außer Moldawien und der Ukraine". "CIS" bedeutet "Nationengemeinschaft der Unabhängigen Staaten" (inklusive der Republik der ehemaigen USSR, außer Lettland, Litauen und Estland). Der bei allen anderen CD-Veröffentlichungen auf der CD-Hülle befindliche weinrote Aufkleber ist hier ebenso direkt auf´s Cover aufgedruckt worden.

Es gibt einige zusätzliche kyrillische Schriftzeichen auf der Datenseite der CD, nahe des Mittelloches wo auch die Matrix-Nummer zu finden ist; an dieser Stelle hier die deutsche Übersetzung:

"CD CLUB" limited [Herstellerfirma]
Hergestellt in Russland
lFPl ACH 02
Lizenz (Serie VAF, #77-216) von "RosOkhranKultura"

Hinweis: Der Name des Russischen Lizenzgebers leitet sich von den folgenden 3 russischen Wörtern ab:
Ros - Russisch
Okhran - geschützt
Kultura - Kultur

Aufgrund der Matrix-Nummer kann man davon ausgehen das auch diese CDs in den Niederlanden hergestellt wurden, so wie alle weiteren Europäischen Veröffentlichungen. Dies auch entgegen dem Zusatz "Hergestellt in Russland".

Der Schriftzug "Paul McCartney" auf der CD und dem Aufkleber liest sich ebenfalls "Paul McCartney" wenn man das ganze um 180 Grad dreht!!


Special thanks to Andrey Lukanin from Russia for providing all kind of informations and Scans of this release / Vielen Dank an Andrey Lukanin aus Russland für das Bereitstellen von Informationen und Scans zu dieser Veröffentlichung.


Cover / Vorderseite


back / Rückseite


press-release / Presse-Veröffentlichung



"Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard," Paul McCartney's 20th studio recording since The Beatles, marks an end to a nearly four-year hiatus since his last studio recording, 2001's platinum certified "Driving Rain". The new 13-track album is produced by Nigel Godrich (Radiohead, Travis and Beck) and was recorded in London and Los Angeles over the course of the past two years. Its release coincides with the September 16th launch of McCartney's all new 37-city "US" Tour, his fastest selling concert tour ever.

"Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard" is a return to the basics for McCartney. The album successfully fuses his undeniable song writing talents with his unparalleled musicianship. In fact, McCartney is credited with playing the majority of the instruments on the album, which is somewhat reminiscent of "McCartney" (1970) when he was credited with playing all of the instruments. They include the drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, as well as many of the less traditional instruments such as block flute, harmonium and flugelhorn.

"Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard" is a mix of up-tempo piano driven McCartney instant classics such as 'Fine Line' and 'Promise To You Girl' and more introspective darker tracks such as 'At The Mercy,' 'Too Much Rain' and 'Riding To Vanity Fair.' One of the many highlights is a track entitled, 'Jenny Wren,' which Paul describes as "daughter of Blackbird," as well as 'Follow Me,' which McCartney debuted at The Glastonbury Festival, while on his '04 Summer European Tour.

But "Chaos And Creation In The Back Yard" would not have been either if not for the suggestion of now legendary Beatles producer Sir George Martin. Familiar with Nigel's credentials and with his published desire to work with an established artist, Paul made the call that finally put the two together in the studio. The collaboration seemed an unlikely one and thus the rumours began. What type of album was McCartney making?

"I did not want to rush this album," said McCartney, who despite repeated inquiries, touring commitments and pressure from his record label, managed to maintain his focus. "I think it was worth the wait though. The music became more interesting over time and Iím really proud of what we did."

The results are evident throughout. The songs are sonically robust, the instrumentation and orchestration first rate and the chemistry between Paul and Nigel apparent. The album has an organic feel reminiscent of Paul's first solo release, "McCartney" (1970) and some of The Beatles later recordings.

"We really made a lot of it up as we went along," added McCartney. "Iíd try something and if it didn't work Iíd try something else until it did. It was like making a go-cart in the backyard."

"When Paul and I got together we had a common goal," said Godrich. "We wanted to make a great album that was true to Paul. I think thatís exactly what we did."


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