Jenny Wren

No.: EMI 00946 344945 2 6
Matrix-No.: WWW.MEDIAMOTION.COM 3449452 @1 IFPI LW03 010103-NL
Country/Land: ISR / EU
Release/Veröffentlichung: 21.11.2005
Price/Preis: ca. 20 Euro
Special/Besonderheit: normal album jewel case with transparent tray / normale Album CD-Hülle mit durchsichtigem Tray


3-Track Maxi-CD:
Track/Titel: Songname: Lenght/Spieldauer:
01 Jenny Wren (3.49)
02 I Want You To Fly (5.02)
03 This Loving Game (3.15)



Israel promo disc, which is actually the normal EU Maxi-CD with a additonal promo sticker on the jewel-case over the copy-controlled sticker. The sticker reads "Another single from the Beatle Paul McCartney from the new album: "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard". Considered as one of his best albums. The album
which was produced by Nigel Godrich (Beck, Air, Radiohead), Is excepting enthusiastic responds and criticisms all over the world. McCartney has done lately (again) history when he was the first person who transmitted a live show to the space (to the Discovery spaceship)!"

copy-controlled sticker on the right side of the jewel-case, another sticker about 4,4 x 3,2cm on the left side of the jewel-case.

The disc includes a foldet poster ca. 35,8 x 24,2cm of the single-cover.

This EU version does have a special player included on the disc, which was already before on the "Fine Line" japanese single. It´s not possible to play the disc with another player on the computer.



Israelische Promo-CD, wobei es sich hierbei um die normale Europäische Maxi-CD mit einem zusätzlichen Promo-Aufkleber auf der CD-Hülle über dem "copy-controlled" Aufkleber handelt. Der Promo-Aufkleber hat in etwa den folgenden Text: "Eine weitere Single vom Beatle Paul McCartney von seinem neuen Album "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard". Wohl eines seiner besten Alben, welches von Nigel Godrich (Beck, Air, Radiohead) produziert wurde und über den ganzen Globus sehr enthusiastische Reaktionen und Kritiken bekommen hat. Gleichzeitig hat McCartney kürzlich erneut Geschichte geschrieben, da er als erste Person in der Geschichte eine live Show ins Weltall zur Discovery Raumfähre übertragen hat!

copy-controlled Aufkleber auf der rechten Seite und ein weiterer Aufkleber, ca. 4,4 x 3,2cm, auf der linken Seite der CD-Hülle selber aufgeklebt.

Die CD enthält ein gefaltetes Poster ca. 35,8 x 24,2cm des Single-Covers.

Am Computer ist die Single nur über einen speziellen Player abzuspielen, welcher vorher bereits auf der japanischen "Fine Line" Single-CD eingesetzt wurde. Es ist nicht möglich die CD mit einem normalen Player abzuspielen.



Special thanks to Yarden Uriel from Israel for his translation of the promo-sticker / Vielen Dank an Yarden Uriel aus Israel für seine Übersetzung des Promo-Aufklebers.


Cover / Vorderseite
Cover inside / Vorderseite innen


Back / Rückseite
Back inside / Rückseite innen
jewel-case / CD-Hülle


promo sticker / Promo-Aufkleber
sticker / Aufkleber
poster / Poster


press-release / Presse-Veröffentlichung


NEW SINGLE - 'JENNY WREN' - 24.10.2005
Paul McCartney To Release Brand New Single Jenny Wren
November 21st 2005

‘Jenny Wren’ is the second single to be taken from Paul McCartney’s new highly acclaimed album ‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’. Fast becoming a live favourite on Paul’s 37-date sell-out ‘US’ tour of North America and Canada, ‘Jenny Wren’ is classic Paul McCartney. The press have described ‘Jenny Wren’ as, “his most poignant and affecting song in years” and “endearing and unexpectedly affecting.”

‘Jenny Wren’ is both a soulful and mournful song with a simple and incredibly effective arrangement. It’s difficult not to be moved by the heart tugging melody. It’s an acoustic track in the style of much loved McCartney songs ‘Mother Nature’s Son’, ‘Calico Sky’ and ‘Blackbird’. McCartney in fact describes the track as “daughter of blackbird.”

“I was in Los Angeles and I was in one of those moods. I wanted to go and play my guitar in the great outdoors. So I went into a spot in one of the canyons there, lovely nature spot, getting away from all the traffic and sat down and started playing. It’s just that kind of genre that I love and I just had a lot of fun, wrote the basis of it there outdoors in the canyon, lovely day, went back home that night to where we were staying and sat around while dinner was getting made and made it up. But it’s funny actually I was talking to someone about how much I love Dickens. And this person said ‘Ah, Jenny Wren, our mutual friend,’ which is this character in the Dickens book Our Mutual Friend. She is this really cool little girl who’s sort of magical, who sees the good in things and I think subconsciously that reminded me that’s where I got it from. But to me it was just something to do with Blackbird. A Wren is one of my favourite birds – a little English bird, the smallest English bird and I always feel very privileged to see a wren. So it’s a combination of all of that.”

In a rock n’ roll first ‘Jenny Wren’ features a duduk solo. The duduk, an Armenian wind instrument, is one of the oldest wind instruments in the world.

‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’ was released in September to global critical acclaim. Upon its release it went straight into the Top 10 of the album charts in over 14 different countries across the world, including the UK and the US. It’s Paul’s 20th studio album since leaving The Beatles and was produced by Nigel Godrich. ‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’ is a return to the basics for McCartney. The album successfully fuses his undeniable song writing talents with his unparalleled musicianship. In fact, McCartney is credited with playing the majority of the instruments on the album, which is somewhat reminiscent of “McCartney” (1970) when he was credited with playing all of the instruments. They include the drums, guitar, bass, keyboards, as well as many of the less traditional instruments such as block flute, harmonium and flugelhorn.

Paul McCartney is currently on his fastest selling tour ever of the US. He plays 37 shows over three months. Winning rave reviews the shows have attracted high profile fans such as Tony Bennett, Steve Buscemi, Oasis and Lenny Kravitz. By the end of November Paul will have played to over half a million people across America.

‘Chaos And Creation In The Backyard’ is available in all record stores across the UK.



Interpret: Paul McCartney
Titel: Jenny Wren
Katalognummer: 560-00946 3 44945 2 6
VÖ: 18.11.05

Nicht nur die internationale Kritik ist sich einig, dass "Chaos And Creation In The Backyard" eines der allerschönsten Soloalben von Paul McCartney ist - vielleicht sogar sein bestes. Auch Popfans in aller Welt teilen offensichtlich die Begeisterung für das beschauliche Werk, das in Europa ebenso in die Top Ten stürmte wie in den USA, wo McCartney jüngst seine neue Welttournee startete. Mit Bedacht suchte sich McCartney für die Aufnahmen Nigel Godrich als Produzenten aus, der für seine Raffinesse und Perfektion bekannt ist. Nigel Godrich wollte McCartney pur und setzte seinen Willen durch: Alle Songs nahm McCartney denn auch im Alleingang auf. Die kreative Reibung zwischen den beiden hat fürwahr zu brillanten Resultaten geführt. "Jenny Wren", geschrieben in der Einöde amerikanischer Canyons, verströmt die unnachahmliche Leichtigkeit und schlichte Eleganz von Beatlesklassikern wie "Girl" und "Blackbird". Wren ist die englische Bezeichnung für Zaunkönig und so schwingt sich Paul so possierlich wie der selbige Vogel in unsere Herzen. An instant classic!
Die Single enthält 2 exklusive Bonus Tracks, die NICHT auf dem Album sind.

1. Jenny Wren
2. I Want You To Fly
3. This Loving Game


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