EMI SAMPLER 08:1999 - it´s all kicking off


Matrix-No.: EMISAMP08 . 1 : 1 : 2 . EMI SWINDON IFPI L042
Country/Land: UK
Release/Veröffentlichung: 08´1999
Price/Preis: < 10 Euro
Special/Besonderheit: digi-pack / Digi-Pack


17-Track Promo Sampler CD:
Songname: Artist Lenght/Spieldauer:
01 It's Only Us Robbie Williams (2:52)
02 When The Heartache Is Over Tina Turner (3:43)
03 When My Baby Scooch (3:34)
04 Kiss (When The Sun Don't Shine) Vengaboys (3:34)
05 Back In My Life Alice DeeJay (3:30)
06 Voodoo Cowboy Infernal (3:24)
07 I Want That Man Deborah Harry (4:06)
08 Bigger Stronger Coldplay (4:48)
09 Shave Your Head Rico (5:15)
10 Graceadelica Dark Star (3:31)
11 Mary Supergrass (4:01)
12 Brown Eyed Handsome Man Paul McCartney (2:28)
13 No Other Baby Paul McCartney
14 No Distance Left To Run Blur (3:25)
15 Sista Sista Beverley Knight (3:44)
16 Lift Me Up Geri Halliwell (3:52)
17 She's The One Robbie Williams



17-Track promo sampler CD in digi-pack from the UK. The disc includes with "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" and "No Other Baby" two tracks from the "Run Devil Run" album; "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" and "No Other Baby".



17-Track Promo Sampler CD im Digi-Pack. Die CD enthält mit "Brown Eyed Handsome Man" und "No Other Baby" zwei Titel vom "Run Devil Run" Album.


digi-pack back / Digi-Pack außen
digi-pack inside / Digi-Pack innen



Special thanks to Ferran Vallejo - Sabadell from Spain (http://beatleshelp.topcities.com/) for providing the scans and informations about this release / Vielen Dank an Ferran Vallejo - Sabadell aus Spanien (http://beatleshelp.topcities.com/) für das Bereitstellen der Scans und Informationen zu dieser Veröffentlichung.


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